Video Marketing

A study by eMarketer revealed that by 2014 “77% of US Internet users will be watching online video content at least monthly”. Video marketing therefore, plays a critical role in the overall Internet marketing strategic plan for any business going forward.

There are two separate aspects to our customized video marketing program: Video Production and Video Distribution.

The first phase – Video Production. Our exclusive video production and video promotion service incorporates exciting background music along with relevant images and compelling sales copy. Videos are designed with the sole purpose of driving traffic to the target website.

These videos are NOT your boring, ho-hum slideshow videos… On the contrary, our cutting-edge videos are professionally produced to result in high video viewership that translates to an increase in website visitors.

The second phase – Video Distribution. Our videos are not only produced professionally, they are also marketed to achieve maximum search engine visibility. Combining sophisticated online marketing techniques such as social bookmarking, article marketing and blogging, we increase the visibility of your videos both in search results and on the video websites.

Bonus: In addition to video marketing, we also create podcasts out of your videos and submit them to popular podcast directories. Thus, your promotional videos are marketed very widely online.

Ready to get results from video marketing? Contact us today to get started on your customized video marketing program and start seeing results that will amaze you.